True Heroes Racing

Welcome to True Heroes Racing

Welcome to True Heroes Racing

Welcome to True Heroes Racing Welcome to True Heroes Racing

About Us


The Team

At this critical point in their personal journey True Heroes

Racing really offers them something out of the ordinary; with

the opportunity to be a member of a team again and also with

something exciting and new to engage in and focus on.

True Heroes Racing really makes them feel they play a key role as part of a team again and immerses them back into a military style

environment, critically with all the banter and camaraderie they miss. The team is not just about the racing, but the whole build up

surrounding it as well. 


The Project

The project has already successfully encouraged WIS Service personnel back into education and has also encouraged members to focus on their general health and fitness. In time, and with continued growth, we want to be able to offer motorsport related employment, providing WIS Service personnel with further new challenges outside the military.

The team uses the fast and frenetic world of motorcycle racing, but not

as spectators, as competitors.


Come And Join Us

Being a member of True Heroes Racing

proves to it’s members, and the wider audience, that they can compete on a level playing field with their able bodied counterparts, as well as critically proving that their injuries do not have to limit the

activities they can undertake or the lifestyle choices they make.

2017 Video

 Two Fingers (n. pl.): a crude sign of defiance